Thank you for your interest in ILT! Here you will find information on admission requirements, whether you’re new to higher education, a transfer student or an international student. You can also calculate the cost of any of our programs. For those of you who may require financial support, you can check out our many options. Our goal is to help each of our students graduate with little to no debt!


The Institute of Lutheran Theology is committed to the success of all its students. As a part of this commitment, ILT offers financial help to students who qualify. Financial concerns should never be the only reason a person will not study at ILT. There are many ways in which students can receive financial support on their way to educational success. Please contact ILT for the development of a financial plan tailored to meet your personal situation.


ILT provides scholarships based upon academic merit. These scholarships have been made available through the generosity of Stavanger Lutheran Church, the Clark Family Memorial, the Pastor Joann Kramer Memorial and the Kathrine Grosen Memorial. These scholarships support students in Master of Divinity Program.
Application Deadline: Please Call for Date

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ILT provides financial aid for students based on financial need. This aid is available to students through generosity of donors to the ILT Financial Aid Fund. There are limited funds available and not all students will receive financial aid.
Application Deadline: Please Call for Date

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Work study options are limited, however, ILT does offer work study for students. Through work study, students receive tuition credit and can reduce their tuition payment. Work study includes making phone calls to donors, alumni, and congregations. Other jobs may become available as the need arises, e.g. ILT employs students to tutor individuals and groups.

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ILT students can set up payment plans to spread tuition payment over a period of months. Payment plans must be in place by the Last Day to Add/Drop each semester. Book an Appointment with Kelli Anawski to set up a payment plan.

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