Thank you for your interest in ILT! Here you will find information on admission requirements, whether you’re new to higher education, a transfer student or an international student. You can also calculate the cost of any of our programs. For those of you who may require financial support, you can check out our many options. Our goal is to help each of our students graduate with little to no debt!

Apply for Scholarships

    Student’s Address


    Academic Essay on a topic determined by ILT and prepared according to approved institutional guidelines.

    Letters of Recommendation (3) From:
    1. Someone who can speak to the applicant’s academic competencies.

    2. Someone who can speak to the applicant’s spiritual and pastoral competencies.

    3. Someone who can speak to the applicant’s moral character.

    Personal Statement (see guidelines)

    Statement Guidelines should be organized according to the following headings, in this order:
    1. Autobiography: Provide a brief personal history (1-2 paragraphs).
    2. The Call to Ministry within a parish context: Describe the nature of your call and how you anticipate the
    education you receive from ILT to prepare your effectiveness in that call.
    3. Ministry Experience: Describe your involvement in your church, along with other relevant areas of service
    in your community.
    4. Justification: State the reasons why you think you are a qualified candidate for the scholarship.

    Please check your email for a confirmation. This will be sent to you and the Registrar Office.
    We will be in touch shortly.