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ILT’s Assistant Professor Shares His Experience

ILT’s Assistant Professor Shares His Experience

Today’s News & Events is a message from Kevin Swift, an Assistant Professor at ILT, who attended our first Theologian in Residence event this summer during Graduation week.

“This summer ILT held its first Theologian in Residence event. I attended and am happy I did. I’m thankful to all who were so gracious to me during that week. I very much enjoyed meeting ILT board members and staff, touring the library, eating the delicious meals provided, and even having a couple late-evening drinks with Dr. Bielfeldt and a few board members. Those were all very valuable, secondary benefits.

The primary purpose of the event was the time to converse with and get the guidance of the event’s two theologians, Dr. Bielfeldt and Dr. Hackmann, to ask them about AI (a topic of the event’s theme) and any other topic that interested me. For example, I had time to discuss my current learnings on 20th-century theology with Dr. Hackmann and confirm that I was understanding the progression of thought in the early 1900s. I was also able to grill Dr. Hackmann and Dr. Bielfeldt on the event’s topic: naturalism, theism, and AI. Those latter conversations I recorded, and we’ve put them up on YouTube. I hope you’ll check them out and find them as engrossing as I did.”

Check it out here:

Kevin Swift | MS
Assistant Professor


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