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The Institute of Lutheran theology not only provides programs to train pastors and teachers, but it also provides educational and devotional resources for individuals and congregations. These resources are provided free of charge and made available through our web page. Please subscribe to and use any of these resources.

2022 Fall Board Meeting

The ILT Board of Directors met in Brookings, SD on November 16–18, 2022. During the fall meeting, the Board of Directors reviewed the previous year including the annual audit of the finances and the annual assessment report. The board accepted three new members as two members are leaving the board because their term has ended.

We would like to say thank you to John Bent and Phil Wold, who both served two 4-year terms. Thank you for your support and dedication to the mission of ILT. Your time on the board was helpful in moving ILT forward in many ways.

The three new members who were added to the board are Fran Hill, Don Simmons, and Barry Anderson.

The current Board of Directors list:
  • Kip Tyler (Chair)
  • Charles Stevenson (Vice Chair)
  • Fred Schickedanz (Treasure)
  • Becky Hand (Secretary)
  • Barry Anderson
  • Doug Bahr
  • Fran Hill
  • Curtis Lund
  • Dorothy McNaught
  • Don Simmons
  • Ed Skutshek
  • John Stiegelmeier

Thank you all for your service to ILT. May God bless you throughout your time on the ILT board. 

ILT’s Christ College

Did You Know That We Offer Undergraduate Degrees?

ILT’s Christ College offers undergraduate students the opportunity to complete an Associate or a Bachelor’s degree which focuses on the Bible and Theology, while also offering students other majors to concentrate in.

Christ College offers the following majors:
• Ministry
• Biblical Studies
• Theology
• Humanities
• History of Religion
• Entrepreneurial Studies

All these programs have the option to be taken in preparation for seminary. Christ College has a program for dual credits with the seminary programs, allowing students to start taking seminary courses up to a year early.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Joel Williams. To learn more about ILT’s Christ College undergraduate programs, please click the button below.


Professor Kilcrease’s Recent Publication

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ILT’s Christ School of Theology professor, Jack Kilcrease, was invited by the Czech Luther Society (Lutherova společnost) and the Luther Academy to deliver three lectures based on his recently published book entitled Justification by the Word: Restoring Sola Fide which covers the doctrine of justification and makes proposals biblically, historically, and systematically. The lectures took place at their pan-European conference in Prague from October 17-20, 2022.

The main premise of Professor Kilcrease’s book is that the doctrine of justification in both Catholic and Protestant theology has been too focused on how the person receives justification. Although most Protestants accept Luther’s view that justification is received by faith, this work argues that Luther would disagree with how they have applied his principle.

When dealing with justification, Luther focused on the truthfulness of God’s Word in preaching and the sacraments, and urged believers to look away from anything within themselves (including their faith). By contrast, most Protestants have sought to focus on the quality of their faith. Sadly, this has sent many believers back to their own works as signs of the authenticity of their faith. Professor Kilcrease’s work urges Christians to return to Luther’s insight and to focus on God’s gracious revelation to them in Word and sacrament.

Professor Kilcrease was delighted to represent ILT’s Christ School of Theology, as well as to connect with European brothers and sisters in the faith. Please check out his book for more information.

ILT Discusses Partnership with CLBI

On Tuesday, October 18th, Leon Miles (ILT), Ed Skutshek (ILT and CALC) and Jim Bredeson (CALC) met with representatives of the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute (CLBI) in Camrose, AL. ILT’s Christ College is in negotiation with CLBI to create a partnership between these two organizations. CLBI is a college level ministry program which is designed to help young adults encounter God in new and deeper ways through Bible teaching, adventure, and discipleship.

There are many ways that we may be able to partner with each other. The discussion is currently focused on transfer credits and degree completion through Christ College for CLBI graduates and Christ College students being able to live on the CLBI campus while they take classes.

We are hoping that this will not only be a way to help CLBI students to continue into a college degree program, but that it will also help to provide a pathway for students who wish to go to seminary or graduate school.

As we continue to work out this relationship, please pray for us that God would help us to be able to serve his people, especially those that are college age.


ILT Professor Presents at LHC

Thomas Jacobson, Assistant Professor of History at ILT, recently attended and presented at the biennial meeting of the Lutheran Historical Conference (LHC), which met from October 6-8, 2022. Held in different locations around the country, this year’s meeting was in St. Louis, Missouri at the campus of Concordia Seminary of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS).

The LHC is a pan-Lutheran group of historians and archivists devoted to preserving and promoting the study of American Lutheran history. At whatever location they meet, participants also take a bus tour of significant Lutheran sites in the area. This year, they went to Perry County, Missouri, where the earliest leaders of what would become the Missouri Synod first gathered after their arrival from Germany in 1839.

Professor Jacobson’s paper was entitled “A Reexamination of the Varied Career of Claus Lauritz Clausen.” He is pictured here at the LHC banquet with his former professor, Dr. Mary Jane Haemig, and his former doctoral advisor, Dr. Mark Granquist.

More information about the Lutheran Historical Conference can be found at


LCMC Annual Gathering

ILT staff, Leon Miles and Joel Williams, had a wonderful time at the LCMC Annual Gathering, talking with new people, meeting with alumni and students, and speaking about all that ILT is doing. There are many new programs, initiatives, and partnerships which continue to grow the ILT family and bring new people together around God’s Word and higher education.

As a part of this event, ILT hosted an alumni and friends dinner for 19 guests. We had a wonderful time reconnecting, talking about what is going on in our lives, and showing support for each other. When you become a member of the ILT family, you become a part of a supportive network of people who genuinely care for you and are concerned about you. While ILT is an online school, our students make close friends for life who are there to help you through whatever joys and struggles life in ministry brings.

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ILT and the Awaken Project

ILT is partnering with the Awaken Project, located at Mount Carmel, to grant undergraduate credit Awaken Project students. This would allow these students to not only get credit for the work that they do with the Awaken Project and thus get a head start on an associate or bachelor’s degree at ILT. ILT continues to expand its undergraduate offerings. We seek to help students prepare to go to seminary, graduate school, and ministry. ILT undergraduates are immersed in the western tradition and Scripture. These undergraduate programs are a first step to the many vocations into which God calls his people.

For more information about the undergraduate degrees offered by ILT click here:


The Awaken Project is an eight-month gap year discipleship program for 18-25 year-olds hosted at Mount Carmel in Alexandria, MN. This program focuses on the inductive Bible study method, building Christian community, and mentoring. Steven Wagner is the director.

For more information about the Awaken Project click here:

The Awaken Project 

What’s in a Name?

While it might be difficult for “old hands” to get used to it, the name “Institute of Lutheran Theology” will be used less and less in referring to ILT’s graduate school and seminary. Since the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) accredit graduate school programs only, a different name was needed by them to refer to us than the comprehensive name “Institute of Lutheran Theology”.

Fortunately, ILT already had that name. We have, in fact, been using “Christ School of Theology” internally as a name for our seminary and graduate school for many years. But now we have gone public. Since we are known by ATS as “Christ School of Theology”, we will be known by new students, faculty, and staff by that name as well.

The name really fits us. While others talk of a “Chandler School of Theology” or a “Perkins School of Theology” to refer to those important in the development of the schools at Emory and SMU respectively, we know that it is only through Christ that we have come to be. What is more apt then than “Christ School of Theology”?

We are hard at work in preparing ourselves for the upcoming ATS visit and evaluation. Check back often for updates!

Learning Success at ILT

Good Enough is never Good Enough for ILT.

Many people today think that doing good enough in higher education is good enough, but not at ILT. It is our vision that our graduates will “understand the contemporary cultural horizon and think critically in the proclamation and advancement of the Gospel.” This means that good enough just doesn’t cut it. At ILT, learning success is found in learning excellence. This is what we expect, and this is what we support at ILT.

Traditionally, library and learning support services are perceived as passive academic services. It is generally assumed that students can be pointed to the Library or Learning Center, and they will seek out and make use of those services when the student perceives that they are needed.

However, in online education, the lack of physical proximity to library and learning support services and the isolation from students and faculty outside of class, tend to result in students engaging these services at a far lower level that would be expected on a traditional, residential campus.

So, if our students can’t come to the Library and Learning Center, we at ILT have committed to bring the Library and Learning Center directly to our students. To do this, the ILT Learning Center has established the Academic Coaching Program. Through the Academic Coaching Program, the Learning Center provides proactive learning support services to each incoming student at Christ College and the Christ School of Theology.

Our Dean of Library and Research, David Patterson, is providing individualized services that are tailored to the individual student’s learning preferences, strengths, and needs. Through the Academic Coaching Program Rev. Patterson is committed to supporting the learning success of each and every student at every level of instruction at ILT.

Library & Learning Center

“Faith Alone” Event on September 26 & 27

Join us on September 26 & 27!
The Institute of Lutheran Theology (ILT) joins with the ILT Alumni and Graduate Association (AGA), Societas Crucis (SC), and the Augsburg Lutheran Churches (ALC) in sponsoring the event: “Faith Alone.”

“Faith Alone” explores a religious rebellion in Reformation-era Sweden. It presents the life and death consequences of theological choices.

Monday, September 26, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. through
Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. CDT

Wilbert Square Event Center
931 25th Avenue
Brookings, SD 57006

Rev. Bror Erickson from the Speaker’s Bureau is the Featured Speaker. Rev. Erickson presents a work of his ancestral family member, Bo Giertz, bishop of Sweden. Rev. Erickson has translated Bishop Giertz’s fictionalized account, the book “Faith Alone.” It presents the Dacke rebellion in Sweden through the lives of two brothers, who both studied to be priests, but are separated in this civil conflict, forced to live by “faith alone.”

Tickets & More Info

Registration Includes: (On-Site Only)

  • A copy of “Faith Alone” by Bo Giertz
  • Lunch on Monday and Tuesday
  • Refreshments