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Christ School of Theology Receives ATS Accreditation

Christ School of Theology Receives ATS Accreditation

It was announced last week that the Christ School of Theology, ILT’s seminary and graduate school, has been awarded accreditation by the Association of Theological Schools (ATS). This is a very big step for the Christ School of Theology. The accreditation status was given retroactive to March of 2024 and does not need to be renewed for seven years. This is the longest period of initial accreditation awarded by ATS.

Why just the Christ School of Theology? Why did we have to separate the Christ School of Theology from the rest of ILT? While it is true that all ILT is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE), accreditation from ATS is different. ABHE offers institutional accreditation for colleges and universities. ATS, on the other hand, only accredits seminaries and theological graduate schools. As a part of that, we needed to set apart the seminary and graduate school of ILT so that it alone could be accredited by ATS.

Again, just to be clear. ILT is accredited by ABHE. ILT’s Christ School of Theology is accredited by ATS. The Christ School of Theology is still a part of ILT, but for ATS accreditation purposes it is named separately. This additional accreditation ensures that our seminary and graduate school are held to the high standards of other seminary and graduate schools in North America. 

ATS accreditation brings with it not only academic recognition, but also many opportunities for our students and faculty to participate with other ATS accredited schools. This is a major achievement and a milestone for the growth and maturity of ILT generally and the Christ School of Theology specifically.

We want to thank all our staff, faculty, students, and donors who have supported us through this process. We give thanks to God for His grace. To God be the glory.