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Dr. Jacobson Publishes New Book

Dr. Jacobson Publishes New Book

The book Pain in the Belly: The Haugean Witness in American Lutheranism written by Assistant Professor Dr. Thomas Jacobson, is a history of Haugean movement in Norwegian Lutheranism, especially in North America. It is a slightly revised version of his dissertation from 2018.

The book description says:

Contemporary American Lutheranism is an amalgamation of various influences and ethnic traditions, yet the contributions and enduring identity of the Haugeans, a Norwegian sub-tradition known for their variety of pietistic expression, have received little attention from historians in the process of American Lutheran merger of the previous decades.

This book takes a closer look at the Haugean tradition within American Lutheranism and its distinct emphases. Most importantly, it demonstrates how this group of Lutherans carried forward their tradition within larger organizations. Seeking to serve as positive spiritual leaven within the larger batch of dough of the Lutheran tradition, the leaven of Haugeanism was not universally appreciated, causing for some “pain in the belly” upon consumption of this dough.

Copies can be ordered from Amazon or directly from Dr. Jacobson at a reduced cost. Contact him at his email by clicking the button below.

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