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End of the 2023 Fall Semester

End of the 2023 Fall Semester

The fall semester is quickly coming to an end. This semester, there are over 130 students in courses ranging from the Bachelor’s degree to the Master of Divinity degree to the Ph.D. All ILT students are working hard to achieve their educational goals and complete the final assignments due before finals week, which is next week.

Will you please pray for our students as they enter winter break and prepare to come back in January? The students are working hard to not only complete their current courses, but to also work within their ministry context. There are many things pulling their time and attention. Please pray that God is with them in all the things they are currently going through.

Please also consider contributing to the financial aid fund to support our students with the greatest financial need. 

The two things working against student success are 1) time, and 2) money. While it is up to the students to prioritize the time that it will take for them to complete their studies, it is up to the church to provide for the financial need of its pastors and teachers. Please prayerfully consider contributing to the financial fund. This fund helps students so that they do not have to carry the financial burden alone. The ILT staff are committed to ensuring that ILT students graduate without debt. We rely upon your help to make this commitment a reality.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing Leon Miles.