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The Institute of Lutheran theology not only provides programs to train pastors and teachers, but it also provides educational and devotional resources for individuals and congregations. These resources are provided free of charge and made available through our web page. Please subscribe to and use any of these resources.

End of the Semester

End of the Semester

This week is the end of the spring semester for ILT students and faculty. ILT students will be taking their finals and finishing their end of semester assignments. This means that both students and faculty are working hard to do those end of semester things which are common in higher education.

The faculty and staff would like to ask you to pray for our students as they come to the end of this semester. Many ILT students are working, taking care of their families, serving churches, and doing many other things while they are studying at ILT. This is the new reality of online education for many students. They work at their regular jobs, raise families, and keep much of their normal life, while they try to add taking classes into the mix. This works for many people, but it adds obvious stress. Please pray for them.

As we all know, there are not enough pastors. The faculty and staff at ILT are doing what they can to provide well-trained and prepared pastors. These students, however, face many challenges as they go through the education and training that will help them be the pastors that God has called them to be. They could not do it without your support. We are thankful for the prayers which you pray on our behalf. We are also grateful for the financial support we receive that reduces the financial burden on the students.

Thank you for your support this year and God bless you.


Upcoming Event:

Theologian in Residence Conference

You are invited to participate in Christ School of Theology’s
2023 Theologian in Residence Conference.

On June 12-16, 2023
at the Wilbert Square Event Center in Brookings, SD.

The theme for this year’s conference is focused on Theology and Science topics around Naturalism, Theism and Artificial Intelligence.

If you are interested in these topics and looking for an opportunity to work alongside Christ School of Theology faculty as you engage in your own research, you are encouraged to sign up and be a part of these scholarly/theological discussions. This will be a great opportunity to be a part of a week of fellowship and engagement with your peers, faculty, alumni, and board members.

To register, just click on the button below and fill out the form!

Register Today!

For more information, download the Program Brochure by clicking on the button below.

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We have a block of rooms set aside for conference participants at the Comfort Suites and have negotiated a special price of $91 per night. Conference participants may share rooms if you wish for even greater savings.

Don’t let cost be an obstacle to your being a part of this scholarly event. If you would like to sign up, but just don’t think you can afford it, go ahead and sign up, and let us know of your need by emailing David Patterson at We will do what we can to make sure you can come and lend your voice to this event.


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