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The Institute of Lutheran theology not only provides programs to train pastors and teachers, but it also provides educational and devotional resources for individuals and congregations. These resources are provided free of charge and made available through our web page. Please subscribe to and use any of these resources.

🌊Make Waves of Change this Giving Tuesday

🌊Make Waves of Change this Giving Tuesday

Navigating the Waves: Your Chance to Make Waves of Change this Giving Tuesday!

Picture This: Standing on the edge of the Red Sea, facing challenges, and trusting in the divine hand that guides us toward the promised land for the Institute of Lutheran Theology. As we navigate these waters, your support becomes the wind in our sails, propelling us toward a brighter future.


🌟 Encouraging News: Our sails are filled with the winds of progress. Enrollment is surging, faculty is top-notch, and the vision of the Center for Congregational Renewal is becoming a reality. We’re on the cusp of something extraordinary.

📜 Our Clear Mission: We’ve asked the Lord for guidance on two critical missions—to cultivate a new generation of pastors rooted in Holy Scriptures and Lutheran theology and to provide immediate assistance to congregations in need. The answer is clear: renew and reinvigorate right thinking and preaching to stand against the tide and bring hope to churches across North America.

💰Financial Crossroads: Yet, we stand at a financial crossroads. The pressure is real, and we’re on the verge of budget cuts that could hinder our progress toward God’s calling. ILT needs your support now more than ever.

🤲 Join the Quest: I stand with you in this quest. Foreseeing our financial challenges, I’ve chosen to volunteer my time, foregoing any salary from ILT. My commitment to ILT and its promising future has never been stronger.

🚀 Your Chance to Make a Difference: Will you join me in the quest to bring right thinking and preaching back to congregations across North America? Your generosity can make a significant impact. Our goal is to raise $250,000 over the next two months, and every donation, big or small, contributes to our shared journey.

🙏 Pray and Act: Take a moment to pray and consider making a generous gift today. Your contribution will help us navigate these waters and steer toward a future where hope and renewal abound.

Let’s make waves of change together!

Yours in Christ,
Dennis Bielfeldt, Ph.D.


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