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Graduation Week 2022

Graduation Week 2022

The faculty and staff of ILT hosted the inaugural graduation ceremony in Brookings, SD on June 16, 2022. Eleven graduates from ILT participated in the ceremony. Six of the participants had graduated in previous years and 5 of the graduates are graduating this year. We would like to congratulate all of those who are graduating.

Graduates participating in this ceremony included:

Master of Arts
  • Greg Longtin
  • Leon Miles
Master of Divinity
  • Rebecca Hand
  • Charlotte Hill
  • Teresa Peters
  • Wendy Poch
Master of Sacred Theology
  • Lenae Rasmussen
Doctor of Ministry
  • Richard Lee Blue, Jr.
  • Thomas C. Brown
  • Rod Ford
  • Donald Simmons

Other important meetings all occurred during graduation week. The ILT summer board meeting took place during the two days leading up to the graduation ceremony and the yearly faculty retreat took place the two days after.

The ILT board members met to discuss important issues such as the budget for next year and the possible sale of the ILT property. The faculty gathered to read papers together and discuss important issues concerning students and student learning.

Because ILT faculty and students do not live together on the same campus, many people were able to meet each other in person for the first time. While we can get to know each other very well through the online classroom, we do not get the opportunity to meet face to face very often. It was a wonderful time of fellowship appreciated by all who attended.