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Guyana Trip 2023

Guyana Trip 2023

Get ready to hear about an exciting journey to the heart of Guyana!

The Executive Vice President of ILT, Leon Miles, joined President Jim Bredeson of the Canadian Association of Lutheran Congregations (CALC) and Pastor Sherland Chhangur of CALC in a recent visit to Guyana. The purpose of the visit was to offer assistance in training ELCG pastors and to meet with the leadership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Guyana (ELCG).

During the meeting, Mr. Miles, President Leroy Nicolson and council members Pastor James Jones and Secretary Elucia Smith discussed the urgent need for more pastors and training to support the growing population in Guyana. In March, the national council of the ELCG will be meeting to discuss a potential partnership with ILT and CALC.

While Luther’s rose is the standard symbol of Lutheranism, the ELCG has its own unique symbol: the swan. This bird represents their Lutheran heritage based on a quote from John Hus: “They will roast a goose now, but after one hundred years they will hear a swan sing, and him they will endure.” The churches in Guyana incorporate the swan in or around their buildings to symbolize their faith.

Let’s pray for the ELCG and their journey towards a brighter future. Perhaps, God will bring us together to serve his people in Guyana in a truly special way!


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