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ILT Board Meeting – March 2023

ILT Board Meeting – March 2023

The ILT Board of Directors met on Friday, March 17, 2023. In this one-day meeting, the board members discussed many items on their agenda including ATS accreditation, new graduates, and new partnerships.

The current board membership includes:

  • Kip Tyler – Board Chair
  • Charles Stevenson – Board Vice Chair
  • Becky Hand – Secretary
  • Fred Schickedanz – Treasure
  • G. Barry Anderson
  • Douglas Bahr
  • Fran Hill
  • Curtis Lund
  • Dorothy McNaught
  • Ed Skutshek
  • John Stiegelmeier
  • Donald Simmons

Three new partnerships were approved at this meeting. ILT is now in partnership with Lutherans for Life, Mount Carmel Ministries, and the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute.

The ILT Board voted to affirm a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Lutherans for Life that establishes a trajectory of collaboration between the two organizations in establishing a Journal dealing academically with issues of life entitled Verba-Vitae. Dr. Dennis Bielfeldt has agreed to be the General Editor of the Journal, ILT Christ College faculty member Rev. Douglas Morton will serve as Associate Editor, and ILT Dean of Library and Research Rev. David Patterson will be Managing Editor. The first issue of Verba-Vitae is slated to appear at the end of 2023.

The ILT Board voted to affirm an MOU with Mount Carmel Ministries. Mount Carmel, as a part of this partnership, will provide student housing for Christ College students. This will give undergraduate students the opportunity to live in a Christian community designed to support them as they take online courses from Christ College faculty.

The ILT Board voted to affirm an MOU with the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute (CLBI). CLBI offers many educational opportunities for high school graduates including a gap year program and diploma programs. CLBI students will be able to transfer credits from the CLBI programs into Christ College’s undergraduate programs. Christ College students will also be able to live at the CLBI campus while they take undergraduate courses from Christ College faculty.

These partnerships will help students to find a path that leads to their educational goals and God’s callings in their lives. We pray that God will continue to support each of us as we seek to serve him and his people.


Theology in Residence Gathering

The inaugural meeting of the Christ School of Theology’s Theology in Residence Gathering is taking place on June 12-17, 2023, in Brookings, SD.

Christ School of Theology students are invited to join with fellow theologians, scholars, and faculty as they engage in personal theological research. Participants will pursue their individual, theological research efforts while refining their research through conversations with fellow scholars and on-site faculty, combined with guided academic coaching and research support from the Christ School of Theology Dean of Library and Research.

The emphasis for this year’s gathering is Theology and Science. Students in the Ph.D. program are encouraged to join us this year to study the relationship between theology and science, the degree to which these scholarly disciplines and compatible, the potential complementarity or incompatibility of scientific and theological inquiry? Student research in theology and science will serve as preparation for a Seminar in Theology and Science offered this summer.


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