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ILT 2021 Fall Board Meeting

ILT 2021 Fall Board Meeting

The ILT board of directors met on September 15th and 16th for the fall board meeting. As ILT grows, there is more work for the board to do. We are very thankful for the servants God has called to be a part of ILT and its mission. This board is deeply committed to the work that God has laid before us. There are many uncertainties facing the church as we move into the future. Continuing decline in the church and social pressure against the very things Christians stand for are important issues as we look to the future. ILT is positioned to face this future with the confidence that only comes from faith. As we go forward, we go with the knowledge that God is in control.

The main topics of interest were the review of the yearly audit, the review of the yearly assessment report, and elections. The board also did a review of the facility and defined the purpose of the current investment funds. Board members spent a significant amount of time discussing questions concerning the future of the church in North America and ILT’s place in this future.

The ILT board members are:

Kip Tyler, Chair

Charles Stevenson, Vice Chair

Fred Schickedanz, Treasurer

Becky Hand, Secretary

Dorothy McNaught

Phil Wold

Ed Skutshek

Doug Bahr

John Bent

John Stiegelmeier

Curtis Lund

Both Ed Skutshek and Phil Wold had come to the end of their first term and were elected for a second term. The board also elected members to the Finance Committee, Academic Committee, Nominations Committee, Institutional Advancement Committee, and Facilities Committee.


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