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Introducing a New Course!

Introducing a New Course!

HST 825: Before Auschwitz: Theologians under Hitler

Orientation Meeting: June 1, 2023 from 5-7 p.m. 
Schedule will be determined after the orientation meeting. 

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About the Course:
This research seminar is a hybrid model combining elements of independent study and advanced level seminar specially designed to serve mature students with a flexible schedule during the summer months. Building upon Dr. Hinlicky’s 2013 book, this research seminar enables students to probe weaknesses and strengths in the Lutheran tradition of theology made visible by the rise in Germany of Hitlerism in the 1920s and 30s.

Students will become competent analysts and critics of Protestant more particularly Lutheran responses to the rise of Hitlerism. The class is a seminar, meaning that students will present to the class their own research and critical evaluation of selected author and text in the time of the rise of Hitlerism. The class will meet for two sessions in June to discuss two required texts respectively. Thereafter, the course has a significant component of independent study with each student assigned a particular author, text or topic as the basis of his/her research in individual consultation with the instructor followed by a preliminary report to the seminar in July and a final presentation of the seminar paper to the seminar at the end of August.

About the Professor:
Dr. Paul Hinlicky is a Lutheran theologian and prolific author of about a dozen books. He has served congregations in New York and Virginia, and is an eagerly anticipated speaker at church events and academic conferences alike. In his spare time he farms on a piece of once exhausted, now renewing mountain soil in southwestern Virginia.


Upcoming Event:

Theology in Residence Gathering

The inaugural meeting of the Christ School of Theology’s Theology in Residence Gathering is taking place on June 12-17, 2023, in Brookings, SD.

Christ School of Theology students are invited to join with fellow theologians, scholars, and faculty as they engage in personal theological research. Participants will pursue their individual, theological research efforts while refining their research through conversations with fellow scholars and on-site faculty, combined with guided academic coaching and research support from the Christ School of Theology Dean of Library and Research.

The emphasis for this year’s gathering is Theology and Science. Students in the Ph.D. program are encouraged to join us this year to study the relationship between theology and science, the degree to which these scholarly disciplines and compatible, the potential complementarity or incompatibility of scientific and theological inquiry? Student research in theology and science will serve as preparation for a Seminar in Theology and Science offered this summer.


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