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Meet our Ph.D. Fellows!

Meet our Ph.D. Fellows!

Are you aware of the meteoric growth of the Ph.D. program at ILT’s Christ School of Theology? Beginning in the fall of 2019, the program currently has twenty five students from around the world enrolled.

Besides working with the faculty of the Christ School of Theology, our Ph.D. students have the opportunity to work with three distinguished Ph.D. Fellows who mentor students, read exams, offer courses, and who direct Ph.D. projects.

Meet our Ph.D. Fellows:

Dr. Paul Hinlicky has been with ILT since its very beginnings and was named a Ph.D. Fellow in 2019. He is author of over 10 books and scores of academic articles and reviews. With a Ph.D. from Union Theological Seminary, Paul offers many courses to our Ph.D. students including a seminar on the work of Robert Jenson this semester.

Dr. Mark Mattes has been working with ILT for many years and was named a Ph.D. Fellow in 2019. He is the author of 5 books and many academic articles, reviews, and videos. With a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, Mattes is teaching Gadamer and the Hermeneutical Tradition to students this semester, and just completed a January course on the Theology of Oswald Bayer.

Dr. Dennis Ngien was named a Ph.D. fellow in 2020. He is the author of 10 books and scores of academic articles. With a Ph.D. from St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto, Ngien will be teaching on Luther and spirituality in the summer of 2024.

Add these three powerful scholars to the work of our faculty in Luther Studies (Jack Kilcrease and Dennis Bielfeldt) and you see what a special Ph.D. program ILT has. Join the renaissance of the study of classical theology at ILT. We study the sources deeply, and with a Lutheran eye!


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