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Professor Kilcrease’s Recent Publication

Professor Kilcrease’s Recent Publication

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ILT’s Christ School of Theology professor, Jack Kilcrease, was invited by the Czech Luther Society (Lutherova společnost) and the Luther Academy to deliver three lectures based on his recently published book entitled Justification by the Word: Restoring Sola Fide which covers the doctrine of justification and makes proposals biblically, historically, and systematically. The lectures took place at their pan-European conference in Prague from October 17-20, 2022.

The main premise of Professor Kilcrease’s book is that the doctrine of justification in both Catholic and Protestant theology has been too focused on how the person receives justification. Although most Protestants accept Luther’s view that justification is received by faith, this work argues that Luther would disagree with how they have applied his principle.

When dealing with justification, Luther focused on the truthfulness of God’s Word in preaching and the sacraments, and urged believers to look away from anything within themselves (including their faith). By contrast, most Protestants have sought to focus on the quality of their faith. Sadly, this has sent many believers back to their own works as signs of the authenticity of their faith. Professor Kilcrease’s work urges Christians to return to Luther’s insight and to focus on God’s gracious revelation to them in Word and sacrament.

Professor Kilcrease was delighted to represent ILT’s Christ School of Theology, as well as to connect with European brothers and sisters in the faith. Please check out his book for more information.


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