Support ILT

With dedication to full transparency of all donations, ILT is happy to provide detailed reports to any donors upon request. ILT has divided our list of financial needs into several different funds so donors can choose the ones that align with their personal goals. Your support goes directly to the building of Christ’s kingdom, whether it be to support our students, future pastors or operations of ILT.

Thrivent Choice

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Program Details

According to, “Last year, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans provided more than $100 million to help congregations, communities and individuals in need.” By choosing ILT to receive your Choice Dollars® you are helping prepare the next generation of faithful Lutheran preachers and teachers.

Eligibility Requirements

According to, “To be eligible to participate in Choice Dollars®, you must be a benefit member age 16 or older. Individual eligibility is also based on:

  • Holding a Thrivent Financial volunteer leadership position
  • Having $800 or more in annual premiums of qualifying insurance products
  • Having $20,000 or more in contract value of qualifying products.

Amount of Choice Dollars® Designated to You

  • $2.50 Choice Dollars® per $100 of annual premium on qualifying insurance products is designated monthly based upon the premium payments you made in the prior month.
  • $1.25 Choice Dollars® per $1,000 of contract value of qualifying products is designated on a quarterly basis. 25% of this amount will be designated to you each calendar quarter based upon the actual contract value at the end of the quarter.
  • $50 Choice Dollars® for holding a qualifying Thrivent Financial volunteer leadership position is designated once each year.”

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