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The Fall Numbers Are In

The Fall Numbers Are In

This week, Tuesday (9/5) was census day for the fall semester at ILT. The official census report shows a total of 129 students. This is the total head count for both ILT’s Christ School of Theology (seminary and graduate school) and Christ College (undergraduate).

The good news is that ILT continues to see growth. The total fall head count, 129, is up from 117 last fall. The Christ School of Theology went from 95 to 101. Christ College went from 25 to 29. This growth comes at a time when higher education generally and seminaries specifically are in a state of decline. God continues to bless ILT through its students. We give thanks to God for his blessings and pray that he will continue to bless the church by sending people to be pastors.

Here is the census report for fall 2023.

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