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Title Change & Introducing New Scholar

Title Change & Introducing New Scholar

Here at ILT’s Christ School of Theology, we have had the privilege and pleasure of working with three professors and scholars that have each heretofore had the title of “Ph.D. Fellow.” They are Dr. Paul Hinlicky, Dr. Mark Mattes and Dr. Dennis Ngien. All three are frequently published scholars in their particular areas and have worked extensively with our Doctoral students and candidates through teaching and mentoring. Their excellent work has been a critical factor in the expansion and development of our Doctoral programs.

A hearty welcome to Dr. Andrea Vestrucci! We are adding one new scholar and researcher to this illustrious team starting on July 1, 2023. His name is Dr. Andrea Vestrucci and he hails from northern Italy. Not only is he one of a very small number of ordained Lutheran pastors in Italy, but he holds two Ph.D. degrees and is a renowned scholar in Luther’s theology, computational metaphysics, and AI and Ethics. He has a current appointment at the University of Bamberg, Germany and will be teaching PTE 842, “Luther’s Concept of Freedom for the Christ School of Theology” in the Fall of 2023.

But in our board and faculty meetings during the week of June 12-17, we identified one detail about our work with these professors that we have decided to change. We noted that the title “Ph.D. Fellow” was not well understood regarding the role and qualifications of these important faculty members. Thus, after various suggestions as well as feedback from those involved, we decided to create a new title for these colleagues. As of July 1, 2023, all four of these colleagues will be officially appointed as “Distinguished Professor and Research Fellow” at the Christ School of Theology. This title represents in at least two ways their qualifications as well as what they will be undertaking with our students and faculty. “Distinguished Professor” because they have shown real excellence in their respective fields, both in teaching and mentoring. “Research Fellow” because they will be continuing to engage in research and publication in community and fellowship with the Christ School of Theology. We are more than grateful for their willingness to serve with us and wish them God’s blessings in our work together!

By Daniel Hackmann, Ph.D.
Professor and Academic Dean


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