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Undergrad Partnership with Mount Carmel Ministries

Undergrad Partnership with Mount Carmel Ministries

Christ College and Mount Carmel: Partners for Undergraduate Programs

ILT’s Christ College began offering bachelor and associate degrees in the fall of 2020. In this coming fall of 2023, Mount Carmel Ministries in Alexandria, MN will be offering a residential campus experience for Christ College students. This partnership means that Christ College students can live at Mount Carmel while earning a degree from Christ College. They will live among a community of Christian students in which they will be supported in their Christian faith.

About Mount Carmel Ministries

Mount Carmel was founded in 1938 by young adults for young adults as the summer home of the Lutheran Bible Institute. It was built with the mission of Bible education, spiritual growth, prayer, and training in service to God in whatever career one was called to. Mount Carmel, now a beautiful year-round facility, can provide places to live, meals, daily rhythms of prayer, fellowship, and a Christ-centered community of grace and encouragement for college students attending Christ College.

Why is ILT Offering Undergraduate Programs?

There are many today who believe that the Western Tradition, and Western Christianity as a part of it, does more harm than good. But the faculty of Christ College believe that there is much wisdom and knowledge to be taken from the Western Tradition. There are many lessons learned throughout the history of the West, both from its successes as well as its failures. A foundational education in theology, history, literature, philosophy, and logic adds to the ability to engage in the issue we face today.

Christ College offers majors in Ministry, Humanities, Entrepreneurial Studies, Biblical Studies, History of Religion, and Theology. While each of these majors stand on their own, they are also useful for preparing to go to seminary or graduate school. Christ College students can enter seminary up to a year early with the dual credit program. This would allow students to complete their undergraduate and seminary degrees in as few as 6 years for dedicated full-time students.

Tuition & Scholarship Opportunities

The cost for an undergraduate degree is very competitive. The total tuition for a year is $12,200. There are scholarships available, however, that can cut this cost in half. Pre-Seminary students with a GPA over 3.0 would only pay $6,200 a year in total tuition. There is also additional financial assistance based upon financial need. The staff of ILT are committed to making an education at ILT available to everyone. Financial need should never be the only reason not to study at ILT, in any program.

This coming school year, there is also a scholarship for students who live at Mount Carmel provided by Ray Grabanski/Progressive Ag. This scholarship will provide the first ten students who apply and live at Mount Carmel with an additional $2,000 scholarship.

The faculty of Christ College are excited about this partnership with Mount Carmel. We hope that it will provide many young men and women with the opportunity to learn from the Great Tradition and to be able to live out whatever vocations God calls them to throughout their lives.

Learn More

  • To learn more about the Christ College undergraduate programs, please contact Joel Williams by emailing him at
  • To learn more about housing at Mount Carmel, please contact David Blackstad by emailing him at

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