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The Institute of Lutheran theology not only provides programs to train pastors and teachers, but it also provides educational and devotional resources for individuals and congregations. These resources are provided free of charge and made available through our web page. Please subscribe to and use any of these resources.

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

While it might be difficult for “old hands” to get used to it, the name “Institute of Lutheran Theology” will be used less and less in referring to ILT’s graduate school and seminary. Since the Association of Theological Schools (ATS) accredit graduate school programs only, a different name was needed by them to refer to us than the comprehensive name “Institute of Lutheran Theology”.

Fortunately, ILT already had that name. We have, in fact, been using “Christ School of Theology” internally as a name for our seminary and graduate school for many years. But now we have gone public. Since we are known by ATS as “Christ School of Theology”, we will be known by new students, faculty, and staff by that name as well.

The name really fits us. While others talk of a “Chandler School of Theology” or a “Perkins School of Theology” to refer to those important in the development of the schools at Emory and SMU respectively, we know that it is only through Christ that we have come to be. What is more apt then than “Christ School of Theology”?

We are hard at work in preparing ourselves for the upcoming ATS visit and evaluation. Check back often for updates!


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